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Deborah C. Escalante

I’m a psychologist and I have been begging everyone I know for a resource like this for 10 years, TRUE STORY!!First, I’ve searched high and low for a FREE CREDIBLE AUDIO resource to improve my own clinical skills and knowledge. These videos are 1) academically and empirically sound, 2) truly effective life skills when applied, and 3) so delightfully accessible and comprehensible to my brain (such as the WONDERFUL real life examples she gives for each clinical concept).Second, I became severely addicted and am now 4 years clean. I’ve desperately wanted something to accelerate the brutal learning curve that follows 15 years of substance abuse and THIS IS IT. Just the two videos on motivation and avoidance have changed my life…just imagine what the hours and hours of other videos have done for me. My heart is bursting with gratitude.Lastly, I consider her to be a true mentor. Her authenticity, spirituality, kindness, love for nature, family mindedness, professionalism, creativity, contribution to the mental health field, and hardworking ethics are immeasurable gifts. I wake up and go to bed to her videos and feel like I’m spending time with a wise, joyous, and inspiring life couch.If I can EVER volunteer in ANY WAY to contribute to her mission, I would be completely honored and 100% willing. Just say the word.🙏My most sincere thank you🙏

“I would just like to thank you for your amazing content and online courses. Thanks to your help I am no longer homebound by crippling panic and anxiety. I went out today into a busy town and was happy, I feel safe and liberated. I have shared all my progress with my doctor and she is ecstatic about my progress and will be recommending your courses to other patients struggling with mental health. I am medication free and happy for the first time in my life. The changes are long lasting and I now can get myself out of a low without going further down the rabbit hole.”

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Dec 24 2022

Looking for affordable online counseling? My sponsor, BetterHelp, connects you to a licensed professional from the comfort of your own home. Try it now for 10% off your first month: Check out Amber’s channel here: Alcohol use changes your brain chemistry in a way that makes you more anxious. It also changes how you think- which can make you more anxious. And when you’re drunk, you might do stuff that makes you more anxious later…whether you or a family member has a problem with alcohol use, it’s important to know how it affects the brain and the practical steps you can take to escape the cycle. But, I am not a substance abuse counselor, it’s out of my wheelhouse so I was super grateful when Amber Hollingsworth offered to make a video for my channel all about how alcohol use has the surprising side effect of making your brain more anxious. Amber is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), she’s super freaking passionate about helping individuals and families overcome addiction and has worked in every level of care since 2004. So I hope you love what she has to say… Here’s Amber. Looking for affordable online counseling? My sponsor, BetterHelp, connects you to a licensed professional from the comfort of your own home. Try it now for 10% off your first month:… Learn more in one of my in-depth mental health courses:… Support my mission on Patreon:… Sign up for my newsletter: Check out my favorite self-help books:…  Therapy in a Nutshell and the information provided by Emma McAdam are solely intended for informational and entertainment purposes and are not a substitute for advice, diagnosis, or treatment regarding medical or mental health conditions. Although Emma McAdam is a licensed marriage and family therapist, the views expressed on this site or any related content should not be taken for medical or psychiatric advice. Always consult your physician before making any decisions related to your physical or mental health. In therapy I use a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Systems Theory, positive psychology, and a bio-psycho-social approach to treating mental illness and other challenges we all face in life. The ideas from my videos are frequently adapted from multiple sources. Many of them come from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, especially the work of Steven Hayes, Jason Luoma, and Russ Harris. The sections on stress and the mind-body connection derive from the work of Stephen Porges (the Polyvagal theory), Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing) Francine Shapiro (EMDR), and Bessel Van Der Kolk. I also rely heavily on the work of the Arbinger institute for my overall understanding of our ability to choose our life’s direction. And deeper than all of that, the Gospel of Jesus Christ orients my personal worldview and sense of security, peace, hope, and love… If you are in crisis, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at or 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or your local emergency services. Copyright Therapy in a Nutshell, LLC

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