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Best Universities to Study Psychology in Europe

Best Universities to Study Psychology in Europe

Are you considering studying psychology in Europe? Europe is known for its prestigious universities and high-quality education, and the field of psychology is no exception. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best universities to study psychology in Europe.

What to Consider When Choosing a Psychology Program

Before we delve into the top universities, it is important to consider some key factors when choosing a psychology program. These factors may include:

  • Course content and structure
  • Research opportunities
  • Faculty qualifications and experience
  • Campus culture and resources
  • Location and accessibility
  • Career prospects

When deciding on a psychology program, it is essential to assess your own goals and interests. Make sure to research each university carefully to determine if it is the right fit for you.

Top Universities to Study Psychology in Europe

  1. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The University of Cambridge is one of the top-ranked universities in the world and is renowned for its research excellence. Their psychology program offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees with a focus on experimental research methods. Faculty members include experts in various fields such as cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, and developmental psychology.

  1. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

The University of Amsterdam offers a variety of psychology programs ranging from undergraduate to Ph.D. level. Their research focuses on various topics, including cognition, perception, social psychology, and clinical psychology. The faculty is highly experienced and committed to providing a comprehensive education to their students.

  1. University of Edinburgh, Scotland

The University of Edinburgh is known for its cutting-edge research programs in psychology. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Psychology as well as MSc and Ph.D. programs. It is an excellent choice for students looking for a rigorous academic program and access to the latest research in the field.

  1. University of Zurich, Switzerland

The University of Zurich is home to one of the largest psychology departments in Europe. The faculty includes experts in fields such as behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and clinical psychology. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology, and their research is highly regarded in the field.

  1. University of Oslo, Norway

The University of Oslo is a leading research university with a strong emphasis on social sciences and humanities. Its psychology program is highly esteemed, offering both undergraduate and graduate programs. The program focuses on the study of human behavior and cognition, and the faculty includes experts in fields such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and neuropsychology.


The universities listed above are just a few of the top institutions for studying psychology in Europe. Each program offers unique opportunities for learning and research, and it is up to you to determine which university aligns with your goals and interests. With the quality of education and research opportunities available in Europe, you’re sure to find the right program for you.