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Cvs health advanced tens targeted muscle therapy reviews


PowerDot 2.0 Duo Smart TENS Unit

PowerDot’s groundbreaking device effectively turns your smartphone into a TENS unit – there really couldn’t be a more portable device.

The smartest smart muscle stimulator in town turns your smartphone into the most portable TENS unit around, with some super slick features and functionality.

Your phone acts as the controller, sending electrical stimulation programs to the wireless pods and electrodes that you position on your body.

Say goodbye to standard pre-programmed settings:

Use the app to highlight your painful areas, identify the type of pain you’re experiencing, rate your pain score and tolerance level.

Innovative PowerDot app technology then takes that information and, using a proprietary algorithm, creates a program specially designed to relieve your pain.

This makes your treatment truly tailored to you, however there are a few small issues (which we’ll talk about later).

We found the app so easy to use. The layout is logical and you can connect to your electrodes quickly.

You can track your progress on different areas of your body, see exactly how your pain is progressing, and the impact and changes to your daily life.

Once you start using the PowerDot app regularly, you’ll receive updates (just like you might be used to on your iPhone).

It updates in the same way your other apps do and gives your device regular new features.

Each time a new function is released, such as the clever Long Haul Flight mode, you have access to it as soon as the app is updated. If you have automatic updates on your phone, you’ll always have the latest features.

With each app update, we felt like we were getting a new device!

PowerDot 2.0 Duo really is the gift that keeps on giving…

Who knows what’s coming next from PowerDot? (Well, we might have a little insider information…)

Coming back to the Long Haul Flight mode, it’s perfect for regular travelers. Stick the electrodes and pods on before you board and choose your flight duration from 4 up to 17 hours.

PowerDot explain how the mode works:

“Keep the blood circulating through your muscles with refreshing massage automatically running every 30 minutes during your long haul flight.”

Your PowerDot will massage you for 5 minutes every 30 minutes, gently easing in so it doesn’t make you jump. It’s TSA approved too, so you can carry it in your hand luggage without any issues.

Long Haul Flight mode isn’t just ideal for frequent flyers. It’s also highly desirable for someone who is sat at a desk for long periods of time, experiencing their own long haul every day!

Another great option is ‘Massage’ mode. A gentle electrical muscle stimulation setting that helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area you’re targeting.

PowerDot is without doubt one of the most discreet TENS units around.

Control it easily from your phone, and everyone will just think you’re scrolling through Facebook!

Here’s an example of how perfectly portable it is:

We loved how you could put the electrodes and pods in the back pocket of your cycle jersey.

Your phone is your controller, so you always have that with you. Then when you’re taking a well-earned break from your ride, you’re able to massage your calves (or anywhere else that needs a little TLC).

Buying a TENS machine is relatively easy, but learning how to use it and get the most from it is much harder.

PowerDot offer excellent guidance on how to use their device, both within the app and on their YouTube channel.

We watched tons of their step-by-step videos, learning exactly how to position the electrodes for the area we were targeting.

Videos are insightful without being overcomplicated, helping you become a bit of a TENS expert!

The Duo version ships with two pods and two sets of electrode pads, as well as a micro USB charging cable so you have everything you need to get started.

Plus it all comes packaged in a sleek, specially designed case, so it’s easy to transport and generally just looks great too!

Finance options are available on their website, allowing you to spread the cost over a number of months, just select their finance partner Affirm at checkout.

Are there any downsides?

You must use the PowerDot pods and electrodes, which means you can’t swap them out for any alternatives.

Also, you have the ability to use a maximum of two sets of pods and pads.

So if you want more coverage, for example to cover the whole of your back, it wouldn’t be possible. Remember to always seek medical advice about pad placement.

Due to the clever algorithm tailoring your TENS treatment, you don’t get the standard TENS programs you find on other devices.

For example on a classic TENS machine, after experimentation, you might decide that TENS programme 4 or kneading mode is the one for you.

However PowerDot makes that decision for you based on the information you input. It could be tricky to get to grips with if you’re used to a traditional TENS device.


Because PowerDot has the capability to update their app this is something they could easily add in the future. It’s certainly a feature we’d recommend (and love to see).

We initially viewed PowerDot as a product predominantly for athletes. Yet such exciting new TENS features make it an impressive new entry in to this space – PowerDot have certainly shaken things up!