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Forensic Psychology Salary in New York: A Comprehensive Guide

Forensic Psychology Salary in New York: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering pursuing a career in forensic psychology in New York? If so, you may be wondering about the potential salary you could earn in this field. In this article, we will explore the forensic psychology salary in New York and provide you with a comprehensive guide.

What is Forensic Psychology?

Before we dive into the salary details, it’s essential to understand what forensic psychology is. Forensic psychology involves applying psychology principles to the legal and criminal justice systems. Forensic psychologists work with criminal offenders and assess their mental health. They also evaluate witnesses, victims, and even attorneys. In New York, forensic psychologists work in various settings, including prisons, mental health institutions, and government agencies.

What is the Salary Range for Forensic Psychologists in New York?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2020, the average salary for clinical, counseling, and school psychologists in New York was $98,380. However, forensic psychology salaries can vary widely based on factors such as education, experience, and location.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a forensic psychologist in New York City is $101,858 per year. However, entry-level forensic psychologists can expect to earn between $57,500 and $78,999 per year, while experienced professionals can earn up to $150,000 per year.

Factors Affecting Forensic Psychology Salary in New York

Several factors can influence forensic psychology salaries in New York. Some of these factors include:


Education is a critical factor in determining salary levels. In New York, forensic psychologists must have at least a master’s degree, but a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in psychology can lead to higher-paying jobs.


Experience is another factor that can impact salary levels. Forensic psychologists with years of work experience can earn higher salaries than entry-level professionals.


Location plays a significant role in the salary for forensic psychologists in New York. The cost of living in New York City is higher than in other areas of New York, which can lead to higher salary levels to compensate for this.


Forensic psychologists work in various industries, including law enforcement, courts, and mental health institutions. The industry you work in can also affect your salary level.

Where to Find Forensic Psychology Jobs in New York

If you’re looking for job opportunities in forensic psychology, New York has several options. Some of the most common places to look for jobs include:

Government Agencies

New York State offers several government agencies that hire forensic psychologists. These agencies include the Office of Mental Health, Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, and the Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies such as the New York Police Department also hire forensic psychologists to work in various capacities, such as criminal profiling.

Mental Health Institutions

Mental health institutions such as hospitals and clinics hire forensic psychologists to work with mental health patients and offenders.

Private Consulting Firms

Private consulting firms and law firms also hire forensic psychologists to work on cases related to criminal behavior, personal injury, and workers’ compensation.


Forensic psychology is a fascinating field, and pursuing a career in this field can be rewarding both personally and professionally. While salaries can vary widely based on several factors, the forensic psychology salary in New York is generally promising. With the right education, experience, and location, forensic psychologists in New York can earn a high salary and have a fulfilling career.