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Holistic clinical psychology masters programs

Outcome 1: Professional counselor identity development integrating multicultural awareness, culturally competent counseling, and social justice advocacy interventions

Outcome 2: Capacity for empathic engagement, therapeutic alliance, and critical self-reflection as a counselor including the recognition of personal worldview and biases to enhance working with diverse groups in school and community settings

Outcome 3: Knowledge of cognitive, social, and emotional development across the lifespan including ecological, contextual, multicultural, and social justice foundations

Outcome 4: Understanding of a variety of counseling theories, prevention, intervention, consultation, and social justice advocacy strategies

Outcome 5: Knowledge of individual psychopathology, mental health assessment and diagnosis, as defined by classification systems such as Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) and the International Classification of Disease (ICD) and their relationship to treatment, prevention and knowledge of cultural biases associated with these systems

Outcome 6: Ability to conduct an intake interview, use biopsychosocial case conceptualization for treatment planning, and conceptualize and deliver a case presentation in both written and oral form  

Outcome 7: Knowledge regarding the use, limitations and interpretation of assessment tools with an awareness of the cultural bias in assessment protocols and use of assessment/evaluation instruments and techniques that foster social justice among diverse client populations

Outcome 8: Skills for training, consulting, and collaborating with families, school personnel, and healthcare providers for education, systems change, and social justice advocacy

Outcome 9: Understanding of ethical and legal professional standards of care grounded in federal and state laws, public policy processes, and ethical standards of ACA, AMHCA and ASCA

Outcome 10: Knowledge of principles and practices of career counseling including the study of vocational/career development theories and decision making models; career assessment instruments and techniques, and the application of social justice theories to people’s vocational/career development

Outcome 11: Understanding of how to critically evaluate and interpret traditional and social justice oriented research and apply relevant research in counseling practice with the knowledge of cultural biases associated with research practice

Outcome 12: Knowledge of group theory, effective group interventions, principles of group dynamics, group processes, and group leadership, and the application of group work theory and practice to organizational dynamics and social justice advocacy in difficult settings

Outcome 13: Neuroscience, physical and biological foundations of human development, behavior and wellness; including the use of neuro-scientific research findings for culturally competent counseling practices and social justice advocacy interventions

Outcome 14: Completion of supervised field placement experiences that focus on the promotion of mental health, human development, wellness, cultural competency, and social justice advocacy, under the clinical supervision of appropriately credentialed professionals

For more than 30 years, Salve Regina University’s graduate programs in holistic counseling have integrated a mind-body approach to mental health with exceptional counselor education and training. We offer a 60-credit master’s degree in holistic clinical mental health counseling as well as a 48-credit master’s degree in holistic counseling. Both programs provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for professional practice in a variety of health care and alternative therapy settings.

Nurture a Holistic Approach to Mental Health

A counseling degree with a holistic foundation provides students with a unique view on their clients’ lived experiences. A broad set of counseling skills and theoretical frameworks prepares students to foster the emotional growth and well-being of their future clients by establishing relationships based on respect and empathy. Aligned with Salve Regina’s mission, we seek to understand each student and client’s developmental growth, honor their personhood and recognize the importance of social justice.

Courses for the holistic counseling programs are offered at our Newport, Rhode Island campus, with select courses offered online. In addition to the master’s degrees in holistic counseling, Salve Regina offers graduate certificates in clinical mental health, substance use disorders and substance use disorder foundations. Through our popular accelerated program, qualified undergraduates can earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just six years.

Our Counseling Faculty

With a deep passion for holistic mental health, Salve Regina’s counseling faculty are seasoned professionals with real-world expertise. We encourage students to connect with their instructors one-on-one for thoughtful discussions about professional aspirations and the qualifications needed for a counseling career.