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Kean University Psychology Courses: An Overview

Kean University Psychology Courses: An Overview

Are you considering pursuing a degree in psychology? If so, Kean University might just be the perfect place for you! Nestled in Union, New Jersey, Kean University offers a wide range of psychology courses that can help you achieve your academic goals and career aspirations.

Let’s delve into the programs and courses offered in the Department of Psychology at Kean University:

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Kean University provides students with knowledge in basic and advanced areas of psychology that can be applied to personal and professional life. Students are required to complete courses in general psychology, statistics, research methods, abnormal psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and personality psychology.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at Kean University revolves around research and scientific methodology. It provides students with knowledge of psychological theories, research tools, and techniques that will help them understand how and why people behave the way they do. In addition to the core courses offered in the BA program, students in the BS program are required to take advanced courses, including neuroscience, psychobiology, and research practicum.

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Psychology

The Master of Arts in Psychology program at Kean University is designed to develop advanced research and analytical skills in psychology. This program offers students the opportunity to conduct independent research under the guidance of faculty mentors. Students can choose between two tracks – General Psychology or Psychological Services – depending on their interests. The program curriculum includes courses in advanced research methods, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and statistics.

Combined BA/MA in Psychology

The Combined BA/MA in Psychology program at Kean University allows students to earn both degrees in less time and at a lower cost. Students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and apply for the program in their sophomore year. The program combines undergraduate and graduate courses so that students can earn their BA and MA in as little as five years.


The Department of Psychology at Kean University offers a wide range of courses that cover various subfields of psychology, including:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Child Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • History and Systems of Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Social Psychology

The Department also offers several special topics courses that cover contemporary issues in psychology, such as Positive Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Psychology and the Media.

Why Kean University?

Kean University’s psychology programs offer students an excellent education and preparation for pursuing careers in various fields, including mental health counseling, research, education, and law.

The faculty members in the Department of Psychology are highly qualified with advanced degrees and diverse expertise in different subfields of psychology. Moreover, the small class sizes foster individual attention and promote interactive learning.

Kean’s commitment to promoting diversity, social justice, and community engagement has earned it the prestigious designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. In addition, Kean University offers numerous opportunities for research, internships, and other experiential learning activities that can help students build their resumes and stand out as job candidates.


Psychology is an exciting and in-demand field that offers numerous career opportunities. Kean University provides high-quality psychology programs that can help students achieve their academic and career goals. If you are interested in psychology, check out Kean University’s psychology programs and take advantage of the opportunities it offers!