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Pocasset Mental Health Center: Providing Comprehensive and Quality Mental Health Services

Pocasset Mental Health Center: Providing Comprehensive and Quality Mental Health Services

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues, seeking professional help is crucial. The Pocasset Mental Health Center is a reputable health facility that provides comprehensive and quality mental health services to those in need.

Overview of Pocasset Mental Health Center

Located in Pocasset, Massachusetts, Pocasset Mental Health Center is a non-profit organization that offers a range of mental health services. The facility was established in 1971 and has since been providing excellent mental health services to the local community.

The mental health center employs highly skilled and licensed professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and nurses. These professionals collaborate to develop personalized treatment plans that cater to each patient’s unique needs.

The Services Offered

At Pocasset Mental Health Center, the staff provides a wide range of services to patients, including:

Outpatient Services

The outpatient services offered at Pocasset Mental Health Center include individual therapy, group therapy, and medication management. The team of professionals works closely with patients to ensure that their needs are met, and their mental health is improved.

Inpatient Services

The mental health center also offers inpatient services for those who may need more intensive care. The inpatient program offers a safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment for patients with severe mental health conditions.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Pocasset Mental Health Center’s partial hospitalization program serves as a stepping stone for patients transitioning from the inpatient to outpatient care. It’s an intensive day program designed to help patients learn the coping skills needed to manage their mental health conditions.

Child and Adolescent Division

The facility’s Child and Adolescent Division provides mental health services to children and adolescents. The team of professionals employs evidence-based treatments to help children and adolescents overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Pocasset Mental Health Center also offers substance abuse treatment to individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The team of professionals uses evidence-based treatments to help patients achieve sobriety and improve their overall mental health.

Insurance and Payment Options

The facility accepts most insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. Patients are encouraged to contact the facility to inquire about their insurance coverage.

For those without insurance coverage, the mental health center offers a sliding fee scale based on the patient’s income level.


Mental health is a vital aspect of our overall well-being, and seeking professional help when needed is essential. The Pocasset Mental Health Center offers comprehensive and quality mental health services to those in need. With highly skilled and licensed professionals, patients can rest assured that their mental health needs will be met. Whether you require outpatient or inpatient care, substance abuse treatment, or child and adolescent mental health services, Pocasset Mental Health Center has got you covered. Contact them today to schedule an appointment.