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Psychology journal free download pdf

If you are a psychology student or taking any sort of social science class, then you will need to be able to read and understand the articles found in scientific research journals. Such articles describe different psychology studies on a wide range of subjects. As you are writing papers or conducting your own research, these journals can provide helpful sources and background information.

Finding full-text psychology journals online can be difficult, especially for people with limited access to academic libraries or online databases. Fortunately, there are a number of psychology, social science, and medical journals that offer free full-text articles.

Full-text journals may be especially useful for students living in rural areas or studying via distance education. The below journals offer access to a selection of full-text articles online.

These journals represent just some of the resources that are available online. If you are still looking for additional research, pay a visit to your university library to access their database of journal articles. In many cases, your school’s library may have access to a number of different research databases where you can find full-text journal articles for your research.

Full-Text Psychology Journals

You might consider starting your search with journals that offer full-text, electronic versions of their content. Whether these journals offer the material you need for your research depends on the topic you are researching and the specific guidelines of your assignment.

Recently published articles may not be immediately available. Many journals that offer full-text versions of their content do so after a waiting period that may last anywhere from one month to one year after publication.

How to Find Free Full-Text Articles

In addition to looking at journals that specifically provide access to full-text articles free of charge, it can be helpful to know how to locate full-text versions of articles on your own. You might also consider signing up for workshops or courses offered by your school that help teach students how to search for academic resources.

Many journals offer full-text, electronic editions of their articles in HTML or PDF format. You can search for these versions of the articles using the following strategies and sources:

PubMed Central

PubMed Central is the digital archive of the United States National Library of Medicine. Many of these articles are available in full-text format. You can search for articles by topic, author, and journal title. You can also search on PubMed to find citations and abstracts for many different articles.

The Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library also offers full-text versions of research articles. You can browse by topic, look through special collections, or use the search tool to find articles relevant to your research.

Springer Link

SpringerLink offers access to journal articles and other resources. While not all of the content on the site is available in full-text form, some articles are accessible in either HTML form or as a PDF download.


CogPrints is an archive that features journal articles on a number of topic areas, including many in psychology. Find articles on behavioral analysis, clinical psychology, psychobiology, social psychology, and more.

Google Search

If you know the title of the article you are searching for, you can often find a full-text version by searching the full title of the article. Some article authors may post the full content on their personal websites as downloadable PDFs, or the article might be available in other formats on other academic sites or journal databases.


In addition to finding sources in journals that publish full-print versions online, you can also look through databases and sites that may contain full-text psychology journal articles. If you find an abstract for an article that seems like it might be a good source, a simple online search can often turn up a full version of the article.

A Word From Verywell

Knowing where to locate journal articles can be helpful, but having the skills to search for them on your own can be invaluable. If you are still struggling to locate sources online, consider visiting your school’s library for more information, tips, and resources.

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Free Psychology Journals

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The aim of this page is to showcase the very best free psychology journals available online. From here you will be able to access thousands of full-text articles spanning a range of psychological topic areas.

Journal of Forensic Psychology

This scientific journal publishes a wide range of article in this discipline covering all modern trends in clinical and experimental research associated with Forensic Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology Practice, Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Child Psychology, Legal Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Forensic Neuropsychology, Police Psychology, Correctional Psychologist, Paranormal activity, Mental Illness and Violence, Chronic Criminals, Antisocial personality disorder, Criminal Proceedings, Mental Disorders and creates a platform for the authors to contribute towards the journal. The scope of the journal is not limited to the listed research areas but also include brain and its functioning. The editorial office promises to peer review the submitted manuscripts and ensures quality.

Journal of Forensic Psychology is an Open Access Peer reviewed journal and aims to publish most complete and reliable source of information on discoveries and current developments in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. in all areas of the field and making them freely available online without any subscriptions to the researchers worldwide.

You can access all the articles published in the Journal of Forensic Psychology by Clicking Here

Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology

The Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology (AJEDP) is a double blind peer reviewed online journal, publishing research and scholarly reports from the broad areas of educational and developmental psychology.

You can access every article published in the journal since its launch in 2001 by Clicking Here 

Neural Plasticity

Neural Plasticity publishes research and review articles from an entire range of relevant disciplines, including basic neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, biological psychology, and biological psychiatry. 

You can access all 1000+ articles published to date by Clicking Here

The International Journal of Psychological Studies

The International Journal of Psychological Studies (IJPS) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal. Research topics covered in the journal include:

General psychology

Cognitive psychology


Developmental psychology

Educational psychology

Social psychology

You can access every article published in the journal since it’s launch in 2009 by Clicking Here 

Advances in Cognitive Psychology

Advances in Cognitive Psychology (ACP) is an open access journal devoted to the scientific study of the human mind. The journal’s broad focus encompasses the behavioral, cognitive, and brain sciences. ACP publishes empirical studies, theoretical papers, critical reviews, and reviewed abstracts of scientific meetings. 

CLICK HERE to access all the articles in Advances in Cognitive Psychology

The Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology

Launched in 2009, The Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology is a professional, peer-reviewed journal created by and for forensic psychologists. It is free to anyone with Internet access.

You can access every article published in the The Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology by Clicking Here 

Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology is an excellent open-access peer-reviewed journal which publishes original empirical research on human psychology and behavior that is guided by an evolutionary perspective.

Click Here to read the Evolutionary Psychology Journal. 

Current Research in Social Psychology

Current Research in Social Psychology (CRISP) is a free peer reviewed, electronic journal publishing theoretically driven, empirical research in major areas of social psychology.

You can access every research article published in the journal from 1995 until the present day by Clicking Here 

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