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Saint Joseph’s University Psychology: A Comprehensive Guide

Saint Joseph’s University Psychology: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a student of psychology, Saint Joseph’s University has a lot to offer. The institution’s Psychology program has an exceptional reputation and has been ranked highly in various rankings. If you are considering pursuing psychology, Saint Joseph’s University is an excellent choice.

About Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s University is a private Catholic university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The university was founded in 1851 and has a rich history of teaching excellence. The Psychology program is based in the College of Arts and Sciences, and it offers a unique and comprehensive series of courses in psychology.

Psychology Program at Saint Joseph’s University

If you’re considering the Psychology program at Saint Joseph’s University, you’ll be happy to know that it has a lot to offer. The program offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, and students can major or minor in psychology. Here are the highlights of the program:

  • An exceptional faculty with experience in various fields of psychology
  • Small class sizes, which encourage in-depth learning and interaction between students and faculty
  • An emphasis on ethical practices in research and therapy
  • Opportunities to conduct research and participate in internships to gain real-world experience

Undergraduate Psychology Program

The undergraduate program at Saint Joseph’s University offers a major and minor in psychology. The program focuses on providing a strong foundation in the science of psychology, including the subfields of social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, biological psychology, and abnormal psychology. Students will develop proficiency in research methods, statistical analysis, and critical thinking.

Graduate Psychology Programs

Saint Joseph’s University also offers a few graduate programs in psychology:

Master’s in Psychology

The Master’s program in psychology at Saint Joseph’s University focuses on preparing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in the field of psychology. The program offers two tracks:

  • The Generalist track, which provides a broad education in psychology with a focus on research and the practice of psychology
  • The Forensic Psychology track, which is designed for students who want to gain specialized knowledge and skills related to the intersection of psychology and the law.

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

The Psychology Department at Saint Joseph’s University also offers a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology. The program is focused on training students in the practice of clinical psychology. The program places a strong emphasis on practice-based learning and experiential education, including an internship, practicum and applied research experience.

Psychology Research Opportunities

Saint Joseph’s University offers many opportunities for students to participate in research while in the psychology program. Students can work side-by-side with faculty members who are experts in various fields of psychology, including developmental psychology, social psychology, and cognitive psychology.

Psychology Career Opportunities

For those interested in careers in psychology, Saint Joseph’s University prepares students for diverse possibilities. Graduates have found careers in fields like mental health clinics, hospitals, schools, and research labs. They also find success in pursuing doctoral degrees and academic research.


In summary, Saint Joseph’s University provides students with top-notch psychology programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The psychology department provides students with a comprehensive foundation in psychology, with many opportunities to conduct research and gain real-world experience. Its graduates have a solid foundation for careers in the field of psychology.