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Somatic experiencing practitioner certificate program

Somatic experiencing practitioner certificate program

Founded by Dr. Levine in 1994, Somatic Experiencing® International (SEI™) is a non-profit training institute located in Boulder, CO. SEI is dedicated to healing trauma worldwide by providing Somatic Experiencing programming that supports an international network of passionate, skillful practitioners who serve individuals in need and communities in crisis around the globe.

SEI offers an 8-module Somatic Experiencing professional training series that spans approximately 3-years. Upon completion of the program requirements, they offer a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Certificate. They also provide Intro to SE Webinars, Case Consultations, membership benefits, Webinars, CE Credits, and more. They have 47 Faculty Members (and growing) training practitioners internationally and an active Board of Directors. 501(c)(3)

Dr. Levine is a Senior Advisor for SEI. He is not active in programs or daily operations. 

*SEI was previously SETI, the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and FHE, Foundation for Human Enrichment


The Somatic Experiencing® (“SE™”) Professional Training provides a rich theoretical framework for understanding and addressing trauma physiology.

Our educational model is highly experiential, offering you tangible skills that can be immediately integrated into your professional practice. The training is delivered through a combination of lectures, live demonstrations, guided practice sessions with fellow students, audio visual case studies, and suggested readings. Because competent practice of SE requires direct clinical experience, as well as a refined somatic awareness and capacity for self-regulation, becoming an SE Practitioner (SEP™) also entails receiving personal SE sessions to deepen your experiential knowledge of SE.

Because SE supports regulation of the autonomic nervous system, which underlies every aspect of our physical, emotional, and psychological functioning, the applications of SE are diverse. For example, by working directly with a client’s physiology, SE enhances the depth, effectiveness, and outcome of psychotherapeutic interventions focused on relational, developmental, and psychodynamic issues. SE supports mood regulation, the reworking of addictive patterns, and the prevention or resolution of PTSD. Since trauma can contribute to the formation of many complex syndromes and diseases, SE aids medical professionals in unwinding challenging medical cases. SE techniques are also effective in reducing or eliminating chronic pain and trauma-related symptoms presenting in the musculoskeletal system, making it useful for bodyworkers and other physical-care providers. 


Are you ready to help heal trauma from a holistic and body based unified approach? Are you committed to transforming pain and challenges into growth, meaning, change and resilience?

Then we wholeheartedly invite you to our first-of-its-kind 60-hour Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate Program.

This unique 3-month online certificate program is designed for individuals, practitioners and educators wanting to explore a unified somatic approach to trauma-informed care: including a deeper understanding of the body’s relationship with  social, environmental, developmental, relational, spiritual, and cultural wounding and healing.  This program brings together world renowned somatic trauma therapy teachers into one training.  The intention of this program is to offer a holistic framework for understanding and working with trauma from a body-centered perspective. This extraordinary program offers a collection of practical tools that will help access the innate wisdom that guides the healing process for yourself and your work with others.

Releasing the Body from the Bonds of Trauma: A Somatic Approach to Healing Abandonment Issues and Attachment Wounds

In this session, Navid has come to Levine for help with issues of self-sabotage in his work and personal life. Levine immediately tunes into Navid’s physical demeanor—his rigid shoulders, collapsed middle and compressed spine—for indications of suppressed emotion and shame. He develops the hypothesis that Navid’s trauma is rooted in attachment wounds and separation panic, and with that awareness, he guides Navid through healing exercises that help to channel anger in a healthy way, relieve stress, and bring about new experiences of lightness and aliveness by reconnecting him with the wounded child inside. This session is filled with simple techniques and moving demonstrations of SE’s power to not only help heal trauma, but also repair attachment injuries and move through developmental plateaus.

Training in El Rompido is a residential course that takes place at the Hotel Fuerte El Rompido (Cartaya, Huelva).

The residential regime facilitates an immersion process: the contact between teachers, assistants and students is closer, allowing knowledge to be shared and learning to be deepened.

Being located near the small town of El Rompido, it has nature, sea and marshes as a fundamental resource. This environment facilitates both the assimilation of knowledge and rest.

Ideal for people who prefer to get away from their usual environment.

The spaciousness of the space is ideal for practice (intense and fundamental) and learning.

Good communication and access, with transport from Faro airports (60 minutes) and Seville (90 minutes) and from Seville and Huelva train stations.

Expanded training for experienced practitioners

Earn 30 CE Continuing Education through Antioch University’s Certificate in Somatic Psychotherapy and Practices.

The demand is soaring for practitioners qualified in somatic therapeutic approaches that acknowledge the powerful body-mind connection for effective healing. In just three weekend residencies, earn 30 CEs (CEUs) and enhance your therapeutic skill set with Antioch University’s Somatic Psychotherapy Certification. AUSB offers a rare opportunity for experienced practitioners to integrate this leading-edge knowledge into their current practice, learning from renowned somatic experts.

This certificate is offered by AU Santa Barbara.

Why Somatic Therapy?

Somatic psychotherapy is a unique therapeutic approach that embraces the interconnection between the body, emotions, cognition, and sense of self. It is applied in the treatment of psychological and physical responses to trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders, as well as in responding to a vast range of life issues including depression, anxiety, and attachment disorders. Somatic approaches draw from scientific evidence that feeling, sensation, expression, movement, and emotions are embodied through the course of development, in patterns impacting how we function including how we relate to ourselves and others. AUSB’s highly experiential learning environment offers specialized training in addressing trauma-related symptoms, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What is Somatic Therapy? 

Somatic Therapy uses the body as its starting point for healing. The word “somatic” is derived from the Greek word “soma” which means “living body.” It is a holistic form of counseling that goes beyond traditional talk therapy and is grounded in the relationship between the mind and the body. Learn more about somatic healing and the history of Somatic Therapy here. 

Somatic Therapy Training   

For over 30 years, Somatic Therapy Master Teachers Joe Weldon and Noël Wight have been training practitioners on how to touch people and transform their lives. At The Somatic Therapy Center, along with an experienced faculty, they offer an advanced body mind training that goes beyond traditional talk therapy and that has passed the test of time. Somatic Therapy is a clinically tested method for treating trauma.

Using all available technologies, the Somatic Therapy program combines the ease of learning from home through webinars and video with the invaluable experience of hands-on practical training in a community of fellow travelers.

Whether you want to use the skills you acquire to start your own Somatic Therapy practice, or to enhance the work you are already doing, the Somatic Therapy Center offers you an opportunity to take the next step in your career.

Could I be a Practitioner?

Transformative Touch Training provides you an opportunity to offer your clients a pathway to Relief, Recovery, and Renewal through somatic healing.

Whether you are…

  • seeking a new career and being called to your life’s work through the healing arts
  • a talk therapist who is ready to discover how a body-integrated approach can help you move your clients to healing and wholeness
  • a bodyworker interested in somatic massage therapy who is looking to increase professional development by learning how emotions, memories, and beliefs are stored in the body

Transformative Touch is more than talk therapy, it is a mindbody technique that teaches you to use the power of combining gentle touch and compassionate dialogue to awaken the inner resources that bring relief and ease to your clients’ lives.


“As a massage therapist I was feeling frustrated..I felt my clients needed something more and I was looking for the missing piece that could help them.”

~ JC, Massage Therapist

“I knew that my decision to say yes to this training was the first step of many in coming home to myself.”

~ JM, Massage Therapist

“The training expanded my skills as a healing practitioner, as well as transformed my healing practice and my life.”

~ AM, Energy Practitioner

“When I found this training I found an approach which integrated touch , presence & awareness to support wholeness.”

~ C H, Physical Therapist

“The focus on the wisdom of the body offered me a simple and fundamental paradigm shift. …(i am) able to utilize my client’s experiences to assist them in employing their body as a resource in their own healing and recovery.”

~J G, Social Worker

“I wanted to help others experience the body as a resource to deal with the stress & challenges in life.”

~ AW, Psychotherapist

“Something came alive in me during the training; something that had long been neglected and ignored.I felt I had found my true work.”

~ CB Marketing Director

“Making this career change has been food for my soul.”

~ BG, Corporate Manager

Somatic Healing: Touching People, Transforming Lives

At The Somatic Therapy Center we hold the conviction that the BODY is the Keeper of Truth..the Holder of Wisdom and the Wayshower to Wholeness and Health.

TOUCH is the Gateway.
YOU are the Guide.
TRANSFORMATION is the journey.

With this somatic therapy training, you can use the skills you acquire to start your own practice or to enhance work you are already doing. Read a case study here.

Level One Overview
Level One is our “essential” training level for in it we focus on the “essence” of Transformative Touch and it forms the ground for all that follows. The overarching goal is learning how the body is a reliable resource, ally and guide for your life and how to tune into the sensations of the body as the communicators of its knowings.

Level Two Overview
In Level Two our focus is on the body of emotions. Resourcing the Body, you will guide your clients along the path of emotional competence. You will help them befriend their emotions and recognize that emotions are a full-body experience

Level Three Overview
In Level Three the body remains the resource, but the but the focus expands to include an exploration of the relationships, both internal and external.You will recognize and help repair core beliefs, family of origin dynamics, and other relational injuries that are imprinted on the soma and the psyche.

Level 1 Details and Costs

Over the course of 8 months, you will learn:

  • The important role of Safety in the healing process
  • The physiological basis of safety and how to help clients self-regulate.
  • How to help clients tune into the wisdom of their body.
  • How to support clients in listening to the sensations of their body and tap their body of knowledge.
  • The importance of intention in touch.
  • To develop a Touch of Presence.
  • The role of touch in human development throughout our lifespan.
  • The art of self-care in working with clients
  • The essential elements of the collaborative therapeutic relationship.
  • The importance and value of bodymind connection and how to impart this to your clients so that they can relieve chronic tension and stress, free themselves from pain, improve self-awareness, transform old patterns and make new choices which allow them to be fully alive to their life.

With our foundational Level One course in Somatic Therapy, you will be given all the essential skills necessary to help your clients heal holistically – heart, mind, body, and soul.Over the course of 8 months, you will learn:

Convenient Affordable and Effective
The good news is that most of the somatic therapy training can be done from the comfort of your own home. You will have:

  • 15 webinars and home assignments which support two 6 day and one 3-day onsites. During the onsites you will learn the hands on combined with the verbal dialogue.
  • Practice client hours with 5 one-to-one mentoring sessions with our experienced faculty members.
  • It is experiential training with lots of individualized attention and care.
  • Community is at the heart of the program.

Click here to view our upcoming dates.

Curriculum and Materials
Enrollment in this 250 hour somatic therapy training course includes:

  • Instructional videos of the 2 bodymind sequences which will help you learn how to LISTEN to your body through movement  and to heighten awareness of the bodymind connection.
  •  Demonstration videos by the founders Joe Weldon & Noël Wight.
  • 17 webinars – These introduce the foundational principles of Transformative Touch, Safety and the role of the polyvagal nerve, the relevance of tone and attuned responses of the therapist, the importance of touch in human development and its part in the healing process. Additional topics include relational skills, bodymind education, ethics as well as business development  including marketing and practice-building techniques. These webinars are LIVE and they are all recorded and available .
  • Web Access to relevant course articles
  • Two 6 day on-site and one 3 day on-site for hands-on learning experiences with an outstanding faculty as well as Co-directors Joe Weldon & Noël Wight
  • 25 practice client sessions
  • 5 individual mentoring sessions
  • 1  curriculum guide
  • 7 body wisdom guided meditations
  • clinical forms templates
  • 27 Massage & Bodyworker CE credits for somatic massage therapy


The Somatic Therapy Center is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider and is also sponsored by NCBTMB to teach New York LMTs continuing education that is accepted by the state of New York for license renewal.

                                   A value of $6995
                                   Offered to you for
                                                                       (Installment plans are available!).                                                                                                                                                                                                  $ 1497.00 x 3
                                                                                            $  793.00 x 6

For further information on other plans, reach out at [email protected]

(Travel, room & board fee, and private sessions are not included in the cost of tuition)
100% Money back guarantee within the first 30 days of the program if you are not totally satisfied.  No questions asked

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Questions?  Ask us any question about the Somatic Therapist Training Program and we’ll help you get clear so you know if it’s the right fit for you.

Interested in learning more about somatic massage therapy? Reach out to us at  [email protected] to learn more about our programs.




The certification process has several steps:

  1. Complete the application and pay the $250 certification fee.

  2. Complete an online written test covering the understanding of the principles of Somatic Therapy and its application through Transformative Touch.

  3. Send a video of a 50-55 minute session which demonstrates the skill competency of the level for which you are seeking certification.

Do you need a degree in Somatic Therapy to become a Somatic Therapist?

No, you don’t. Certification involves study, research, hours, and practice. Some schools do offer programs in Somatic Therapy, including Antioch University and Washington University. These certifications are part of a larger study of psychotherapy not required for practitioners. 



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