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Somatic therapy training peter levine

February 19, 1942


B.S.     University of Michigan, 1964: Physics Engineering; and Minors in Mathematics and Psychology

P.h.D.  University of California, Berkeley, 1977: Department of Medical and Biological Physics: Group in Biophysics (Interdisciplinary Program in Physical Biology; Life Science, Neurophysiology, and Physiological Psychology)

P.h.D. International University, Los Angeles, 1978; Independent Directed Tutorial, Psychology


1985 – Current              
Founder and President of the Ergos Institute of Somatic Education

1994 – Current           
Founder and Senior Advisor for the Foundation for Human Enrichment, Lyons, Colorado. A.K.A Somatic Experiencing® Institute.

2007 – Current           
Senior Clinical Fellow and Advisor to The Meadows Addiction Treatment Center in Wickenberg, Arizona

2003 – Current           
President and Editorial Director of Ergos Institute Press (An Imprint co-publish with North Atlantic Press), Encinitas, California

2001 – 2007               
Guest teacher for CIIS – California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California

2001 – 2007               
Distinguished Faculty, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California

1994 – 2006               
President and Director of the Foundation for Human Enrichment, Lyons, Colorado

2004 – 2005               
Advisory Board: Trauma and Resiliency Resources – Treatment program for Emergency workers, firemen, and police involved in WTC/911

Member of Task Force, Institute of World Affairs, Psychologists for Social Responsibility and Presidential Initiative on Ethnopolitical Warfare and Large Scale Disasters, World Forum, Twin Lakes, Connecticut.  Development of post graduate level curriculum and training for response to large scale disaster and ethnopolitical conflict.

Consultant  Colorado Center for Bio-behavioral Health, Colorado

1994 – 1997               
Consultant, Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic, Mapleton Center and Community Hospital, Boulder, Colorado

1988 – 1989               
Guest Teacher OASIS: International treatment program for refugees and torture victims, Copenhagen, Denmark

1987 – 1990               
Guest teacher for the Danish Psychiatric hospitals at Nykooping & Viborg, Denmark

1987 – 1989               
Guest Teacher at the Bodynamic Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

1986 – 1990               
Consultant at the Hopi Guidance Center; clinical training for native therapists.

1986 – 1989               
Guest teacher for CIIS – California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California

1985 – 1989               
Co-teacher with Richard Olney M.A., Hypnosis and Body Experience, a series of professional residential training programs, Arizona

1980 – 1990               
Program director and primary teacher in the Somatic Experiencing training program for Body Oriented Therapy, Berkeley, California

1985 – 1987               
Community Affairs co-director for Ergos Institute, Flagstaff, Arizona

1985 – 1986               
Stress Consultant for Sheriffs Department of Coconino County, Arizona

Faculty, Somatic Psychology at Antioch College, San Francisco, California

Teacher in Residence and Director of the Extended Study Program, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

1981 – 1982               
Visiting Faculty at the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine in the Department of Clinical Principles and Practice & Continuing Medical Education

1981 – 1982               
Consultant at the Blueberry Treatment Centers for Autistic Children in Brooklyn, New York, with Dr. Mira Rothenberg

1980 – 1981               
Consultant at the Stress and Pain Center, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

1978 – 1979               
Consultant to NASA Ames: Stress Factors in Space Shuttle Flight (Project Director; UC Consortium with NASA)

1978 – 1979               
Instructor at Antioch College, San Francisco, California

1977 – 1979               
Lecturer at the Department of Health and Medical Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, California

1976 – 1977               
Field Facility Advisor for Humanistic Psychology Institute Saybrook University, San Francisco, California

1970 – 1971               
Lecturer in Contemporary Natural Sciences Program at the Department of Physics and Zoology at the University of California, Berkeley, California

1969 – 1970               
lnstructor (acting): Zoology, University of California, Berkeley, California

1969 – 1970               
lnstructor: Life Sciences, Mills College, Oakland, California

1962 – 1964               
Research Assistant; Electronic Defense Group and Department of Psychology, University of Michigan with Professor Wilson P. Tanner on electronic prosthetic devices for the blind.

Technical Assistant, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murryhill, New Jersey with Leon D. Harmon in Neuro-cybernetics on the “Artificial Neuron” Project.

Research Assistant Department of Psychology with Professor P.M. Fitts, Stimulus Response compatibility studies in Human Engineering.


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A Model for Flicker Fusion. Bell Telephone Company, Technical Memoranda.


2020 Psychotherapy Networker – Keynote. Received Lifetime Achievement Award
2017    Erickson Evolution of Psychotherapy, Anaheim, CA
2017    Congress on Attachment & Trauma: The Neurobiology of Healing, New York, NY
2017    ATTACh 29th Annual Conference on Trauma and Attachment – Keynote and Lifetime Achievement Award
2016    Foundations Recovery Network, Coronado, CA – Keynote
2015    Jungian Society of Austin, Texas
2015    University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work – Keynote
2014    Psychotherapy Networker Conference – Keynote
2013    Breath of Life Conference – Keynote
2013    Milton Erickson Brief Therapy Conference – Expert Panel
2013    Hochrat Pain Clinic – Keynote
2013    Frankfurt University – Keynote
2013    UCLA and Betty Ford Center – Women’s Symposium – Keynote
2013    UCLA Attachment and Interpersonal Psychology – Keynote
2012    Milton Erickson Brief Therapy Conference – Expert Panel
2012    Breath of Life Conference – Keynote
2011    International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, Phoenix, AZ – Keynote
2011    National Institute for Applications in Behavior Medicine (NICABM) – Keynote
2011    Life Time Achievement Award for work in Infant and Child Psychiatry, Reis Davis Chair, Psychoanlytic Institute, Los Angeles, California
2010    Lifetime Achievement Award, United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, JFK University, Pleasantville, Califonia – Keynote and Master Class
2008    Sex Therapy, Education and Medicine (STEM), Alvarado hospital, San Diego, CA
2008    Frontiers in Brief Therapy, Milton Erickson Foundation, San Diego, California
2007    Life Energy and the Emergent Therapeutic Paradigm – Keynote
2004    Two years: Meadows Psychotherapy Conference Series
2004    Infant Development Association—presenter
2004    National Institute for Applications in Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) – Keynote and Master Class
2004    Frontiers of Trauma Based Psychotherapy; Cutting Edge Series. University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
2003    Spirituality and Trauma – UCLA Extension
2003    Southwestern College, 22nd Annual Transformation and Healing Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico – Keynote
2003    EMDR International Conference – Denver, Colorado – Keynote
2003    Family Systems: Passion and Responsibility, Wurzburg, Germany – Keynote
1998    Six years: Guest Lecturer, C.J. Jung Societies in Denver, Colorado; San Francisco & Los Angeles, California; and Kusnacht (Zurich), Switzerland
2001    Two years: Cape Cod Summer Institute, Albert Einstein School of Medicine – with Bessel van der Kolk MD
2002    San Diego Center for the Treatment of Torture Victims; Workshop presenter 2002    Neurons to Neighborhood – The Effects of Emotional Trauma on the Way we Learn, Feel and Act-Mount St. Mary’s College with Daniel Segal, and Diane Fosha
2002    Responding to Terror and Trauma in Turbulent Times – Keynote, The Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists 10th annual conference
2002    Grand Rounds, Beth Israel hospital, NYC, Music therapy program for the treatment of 911 survivors
2001    Infant Mental Health – Keynote and Grand Rounds with Alan Schore, Cedar Sinai Hospital Los Angeles, California
2001    “Neuroscience and the Somatic Treatment of Traumatic Stress: Integrating Scientific and Therapeutic Models”, Boulder, Colorado – Keynote
2001    “Body Experience and the Expression of the Soul” – Zurich – Keynote
2001    “Post Traumatic Stress as a Reality in the Health Care System”- CME conference, Longmont Hospital; with Robert Scaer MD
2000    Two years: Keynote presenter at Boston Medical School: “Trauma and Attachment” Symposium with Bessel van der Kolk
2001    Presenter: “Family Therapy Networker” conference in Washington, DC
2000    Co-presenter “How to deal with Trauma in Society, in School, and in the Media,”
Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles, California
2000    Co-presenter: Open Society Institute, Croatia East/East Program: Systems in Transition, Preventing Violence in Dubrovnik, Croatia
2000    Peace Building in the 21st Century; Co-sponsor “Pathways to Peace” and the “Noetic Society;” Dubrovnick, Croatia – Keynote
1999    Three years: Speaker, National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Palm Springs, California and Hilton Head NC
1999    Responses to Overwhelming Threat; Theory and Treatment Jerusalem Israel
1999    Guest Teacher, Gaza Mental Health, Gaza City
1996    Four years: American Polarity Therapy Association – Keynote
1999    Speaker: “The Biology of Emotion” with Candice Perts; Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado – Keynote
1997    Trauma Conference, Naropa Institute – Keynote
1997    Oasis Tenth Anniversary, International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark – Keynote
1997    International Polarity Conference – Keynote
1996    AHP (Assoc. of Humanistic Psychology) International Conference – Keynote
1995    The International Somatics Congress – Congress International de Somatotherapy – Keynote
1995    “Unifying the Elusive Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress and Closed Head Injury; New Models for Treatment” – Rehabilitation in-service, Mapleton Center at the Boulder Community Hospital, Colorado
1991    “Somatic Contributions to the Healing of Sexual Abuse” University of California Extension School of Public Health
1991    “What Is The Child’s Reality? The Child in the Hospital,” Washoe Medical Center, Reno, Nevada
1989    Three years: National Guild for Structural Integration – Keynote
1989    “The Ordinary Miracle of Healing” at Washoe Medical Center, Reno, Nevada.1989 – “An Integrative Approach to Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress”. The Second Nordic Psychophysiology Conference, Lynkooping, Sweden
1988    National AMTA – “Body Feeling and Self” – Keynote
1987    Two years: Grand Rounds, Nevada – Mental Health Institute and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno: “What Constitutes Therapeutic Milieu in a Hospitalized Setting?”  (A panel discussion); “Body/Mind Relationships; A Synthesis of Developmental and Psycho-physiological approaches in the Non-drug, Somatic (body-oriented) Treatment of Psychopathologies”; “The Substitute Tiger; Shock as a Critical and Neglected Factor in Treating Phobic States and Other Psychopathologies.”  Reno, Nevada
1987    “The Body in Health Care.” YWCA, Reno, Nevada
1984    “Beyond the Relaxation Response: Self-regulation and Healing for Clinicians.” U.C.L.A. School of Medicine
1983    “Towards a Biology of Body Work.” Keynote Speaker. New Visions in Psychotherapy JFK University
1982    Grand Rounds, Pacific Medical Center UCSF (Department of Psychiatry): “Another Look at Carbon Dioxide Inhalation in the Treatment of Stress Underlying Various Psychopathologies.”
1982    “The Body and the Person: Towards a Somatic Model of Health” (U.C. Extension School of Public Health), Consultant, Coordinator and Participant
1981    “The Perinatal Period: Interface of Biology and Behavior” (with S. Porges). Esalen Institute, Coordinator and Participant
1980    “Conceptualizing Energy Medicine.” – presenter and co-organizer – (U.C. Extension School of Public Health)
1979    “Biology of the Affectional Bond.” University of California, Berkeley, Health and Medical Sciences; Stanford Research Institute International: Ergos Institute, and Esalen Institute; Coordinator and Participant


American Psychological Association
Humanistic Psychological Association
Guild for Structural Integration – inactive
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies


American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, Fellow and Diplomat
American Board of Stress Practitioners
The American Institute of Stress, Fellow and Diplomat
ISSSEEM – International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine