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Stress relief things to buy

Without getting too deep into the specifics, there’s a lot to be stressed out about these days on a personal, national, and global scale. Tack on the fact that anxiety and depression tend to spike around the holidays and, well, the struggle is real. It’s more important now than ever to take care of you and those around you. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help ourselves and the people we love to take the edge off. One of our favorites? Stress relief gifts.

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone (or yourself) is the gift of relaxation. The opportunity to self indulge, take a breath, practice some self care, and ease your racing mind is priceless—and we have some pretty amazing ideas for things you can wrap up with a pretty bow and place under this year’s Christmas tree to help make the holiday season a little more chill. Sure, a gift card to a spa is nice but something that can give and give again (like soothing moisturizers and therapy dough) can’t be beat.

From back massagers, calming tea, and weighted blankets, to aromatherapy, and bath bombs, we’ve found something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. And the best part? These stress relief gift ideas are all aimed at self-soothing, chilling out, and generally providing a state of inner zen.

Check out our top picks for stress relief gifts, and maybe put a second one in your cart to buy yourself a little something extra for a calm ending to 2022.

Over the past couple of years, self-care has become more important, as we all deal with the effects of burnout, Zoom fatigue and getting back into the pre-pandemic groove.

If you know of someone who needs a little nudge when it comes to taking some time for themselves, gift them with items that can help relieve stress and boost their overall mood. From essential oils to waffle cloth bathrobes, these items will help them carve out a little ‘me time’ into their schedule.

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Best relaxing gifts under $25

For someone who enjoys burning candles around the house or while they read at night, the spa restore candle from The White Company is a nice option that isn’t overwhelming or too heavy. The scent is a lovely mix of geranium, neroli and eucalyptus. It has approximately 28 hours of burn time, so this one will last awhile.

Many people enjoy unwinding with a glass of vino at the end of the day. This wand helps to purify wine by filtering out sulfites and histamines, which are associated with triggering some wine sensitivities. After swizzling the wand around in the glass, they can pop the top off of the wand and place it on the glass as a charm.

With a variety of gifts, including a headband, catch-all dish, coaster, rearview mirror charm and more, this ‘happy box’ will sure make the recipient is just that! “Words, and gifts, provide power and strength to get us through the darkest of days,” said one reviewer, adding “Love this company and its message.”

In moments of high stress, worry or simply when you need something to do with your hands rather than bite your nails, turn to these acupressure rings and bracelets. The spiky feel distracts your nerves from the problem at hand, to the jewelry on your hand instead.

Jot down goals and habits you hope to reach each day, week or month with this calendar. Keep track by checking off a square each day. “This calendar-like tracker has been a game changer for me,” said one reviewer.

Annoying co-workers, stressful deadlines and the pressures of working a strenuous job all make the work wellness deck a perfect gift. With cards that make users pause to reflect, or distract them from the mundane or hectic nature of their job, gift this deck to the colleague or person in your life who needs a mini vacation during their lunch.

Take the heavy lifting out of self-care by scratching and following these prompts, such as ‘take yourself on a date’ and ‘visit a museum or gallery.’ Gift to the friends who need a little daily reminder to take care of themselves!

Let’s be honest: Stress relief and self-care can often be more stressful than anything else if you don’t know where to start or what to do. For the person who needs a little help getting a routine going, these cards will do the thinking for them. This 52-card deck contains prompts for meditation, mindfulness, anxiety relief and more. It’s an easy and affordable way to help her stay grounded and manage overwhelming emotions.

Let the day fade away as they rest with this lavender eye pillow over their eyes. The inside is filled with dried lavender seed and the weight is meant to help ease tension headaches and promote deeper sleep, according to the brand.

These aromatherapy shower steamers is made with eucalyptus and other amazing essential oils for a calming scent that can also relieve any sinus pressure that’s built up over the day. To use these, just put one in the tub while showering and it will release its scent once it’s activated with water.

When the day is done and the stress of work and home are just too much, grab the Dammit Doll. The handmade doll can be thrown, smashed, tossed and stomped on to get out any built-up rage.

Tiny but mighty, this scalp massager currently has over 84,000 ratings on Amazon. Use it to help with dry scalp or simply squeeze in a quick head massage in the shower.

Give their feet some love with this foot care kit. All they has to do is massage the shea butter lotion into their feet before bed and put on the cozy socks to wake up with soft toes. The fizzy foot bomb, pumice stone and foot brush all help with softening calluses, as well.

Eye masks are an easy and affordable gift that are always welcome. We like this one because it can be used hot or cold and can be used over and over again.

Sometimes a journal with white, empty pages can be daunting for people. This journal gives ideas like poking holes in pages and gluing pieces of colored paper onto pages to let out some stress and creativity.

Crafts like embroidery have picked up steam over the past year or so. The stress-relieving activity is great for parents after the kids go to bed, to help them calm down after a long day. This kit is for beginners and includes everything they will need to create a pretty plant scene.

She may not be be able to keep regular pedicure appointments with her busy schedule, but she can still pamper her tootsies in the comfort of her own home. With a glowing rating near five stars from over 14,000 Amazon shoppers, this soothing foot soak is a refreshing note to end any day.

For the person who strives to have perfect, frizz-free hair when they wake up, this bestselling satin pillowcase from Bedsure is the ultimate game-changer.

If they don’t have time to squeeze in a full eight hours of sleep (which she probably doesn’t), they’ll never look that way with these fast-acting eye masks. Loaded with caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen, these patches will give them a well-rested look while fighting puffiness and dryness.

Essential oils can help bring a sense of calm to a room after a chaotic day. Find this diffuser for only $16 on Amazon. They can use their favorite oils to transform their home into a sanctuary.

This mist was made with mood in mind. They’ll experience an immediate boost of relief once they sprays the aloe vera-based mist over their bed, pillow or clothes.

Coloring books are for adults, too! This detailed one by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter will help them re-center their mind and be in the moment.

They will feel rejuvenated with one of these skin-renewing face masks. Made with organic materials, each tube comes with enough ingredients to make up to 15 masks. Not only that, but there’s a variety of options ranging from detoxing charcoal treatments to a soothing rose petal mask.

This essential oil from Nature’s Truth is perfect for when they need to destress. It can be used as a massage oil or as an aroma spray — just be sure to follow directions for safe use.

If tight muscles are an issue, then consider giving this soothing muscle rub a try. It’s made with a variety of organic oils, including peppermint, basil, cinnamon, citronella, ginger, grapefruit, juniper, lemongrass and spearmint. For those days when they’re on-the-go, this’ll give their muscles the much-needed break they deserve.

Ice rollers are a great gift since they relieve tension, reduce puffiness and relieve pain from minor injuries. We love this after a hard workout for instant cooling or for some migraine relief.

Whether their body temperature runs warm or cold, this neck pillow is sure to keep them comfortable while relaxing at home. The best part is the heat lasts for up to 30 cozy minutes.

Best relaxing gifts under $50

Slippers are always a nice gift, especially for the work-at-home champion who likely keeps a pair under their desk. This option from Pantuss is filled with lavender and flax seed for a hint of cooling aromatherapy. The insoles can be removed and put into the microwave for a quick warm-up, and for a stronger scent.

The evening bath just got a lot more spa-like. This rose-scented set comes with a rose and coconut bath soak and a rose and coconut body scrub. Feel good about giving this because it’s made without parabens, sulfates and synthetics.

Help a friend soothe headaches with this gel hat. It can live in the freezer and when they need some tension relief or an instant cool down, they can pop this on over their eyes and sit back while it all melts away.

Mama bears and their cubs will love these soft slippers from Dearfoams. The indoor and outdoor sole is ideal for those who are going to be traipsing through snow all winter and want to keep their feet warm. Moms, if you’re looking for a matching set, these also come in “Papa Bear” and “Baby Bear” options for the whole family.

Encourage someone to reflect on their aspirations and goals with this popular five-minute journal. Each day they can plan out their intentions and remind themselves of their truths. Then at the end of the day, they can reflect on everything that happened and write down the best parts of the day. Even if they aren’t great at keeping a journal, they will want to keep up with this one because it’s so easy.

Give the gift of better rest with this sleep mask that doubles as a sort of weighted blanket for the eyes. The elastic-free mask keeps ears from hurting after wearing it for extended periods of time.

Gift this to the friend who wears their heart on their sleeve and can serve as a reminder that their feelings are valid, even if they are a bit complicated at times. Reviewers love this sweatshirt because it’s “comfy,” and of good quality.

Acupuncture and pressure are combined with this mat and pillow set. While no real needles penetrate the skin, the mat does find pressure points to help relieve tight muscles and stress. After a short session, roll the mat up for easy storage.

Aptly named Mom’s Survival Pack, this kit features a variety of wellness essentials to help her wind down with a relaxing night time routine. Start with the lavender sugar scrub, then kick back and relax in a hot bath mixed with the floral mineral bath salt. End the night with the sleep salve, or try the belly butter, lavender mist and soothing lip balm.

The scent of lavender is one of the most calming in the world. Relieve neck tension or just indulge in a few moments of zen with this lavender neck wrap. The wrap is meant to be used hot after spraying lightly with water and heating in the microwave.

Allow them to set their intentions for the day with this wellness journal. The journal should last 12 weeks if they use it every day. Each section includes a small space for daily check-ins, along with pages for noting thoughts, feelings and listing things they’re grateful for.

Let their creativity flow with this Buddha Board. The art set comes with a brush, stand and water painting board. All they need is a bit of water to let out stress and create something beautiful. As the water dries, it will disappear and allow them to draw something new.

These booties will get them off their feet and allow them to unwind and relax. The booties can be worn hot or cold and have a light lavender scent.

It’ll be hard for them not to “slip” back and relax while wearing this silky sleep mask. Made with high-grade, long-fiber mulberry silk that’s soft on the eyes, they’ll definitely appreciate you thinking about their long-term sleep goals.

They’ll feel instantly relaxed in this comfy embroidered robe. Made from a lightweight material, it’s perfect for year-round comfort. Plus, you can add a personal touch with a monogram.

Weighted blankets are packed with beads or pellets to provide light, evenly distributed pressure, creating a comforting feeling. Sleep psychologist Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg previously said that many find weighted blankets to be relaxing, which is why we love this one for stress-relief purposes.

Having live plants, like succulents, around the house is perfect for the empty-nester who live alone or who just live in a small home with very little extra room. This succulent trio from The Sill requires very little maintenance, which is great for busy bodies.

Unwind in the evening with this swivel bath tray. The tray suctions to the side of a tub and can move in many directions to get the best placement. Now they’ll have the perfect spot for a good book and a glass of wine.

Best relaxing gifts under $100

For the friend who’s always on their feet and just needs a quick way to relax, consider this acupressure mat set. It features sensory stimulators that encourage deep relaxation. They can lie down or do some yoga poses on the mat to help relieve stress and pressure.

Silk always feels like a luxurious gift. This set comes with a pillow case, eye mask, and scrunchie that all look like beautiful black marble. Not only are each of the silk pieces pretty to look at, but they also aid in skin and hair health, making them a great two-in-one gift.

Pamper a loved one with a warm bath and floral-scented products. The set comes with one hand and body wash, one lotion and one boxed flower, and is packaged in a pretty gold and black box. If they’re not a fan of lavender there are other scents available.

Splurge on these silk sleep shorts from Skims, which can be paired with a silk button-up sleep shirt or tank top. “This elevated look is very comfortable,” said one reviewer, with another one adding that they’re “very silky and smooth.”

For the yoga obsessive or one who fell in love with at-home workouts over the last few years, gift them this Lululemon mat. Thicker than traditional yoga mats at 5mm, this one provides enough cushion on even the hardest of floors. “This one provides enough cushion for kneeling poses without being overly heavy and bulky to carry,” said one reviewer.

Equally zesty and effervescent, citrus does a great job of raising one’s energy and spirits after a stressful day.

These are one of the best budget-friendly buys for noise-canceling headphones on the market — and users say they’re comparable to higher-priced competitors!

After a long day of looking at a computer, all they’ll want to do is close their eyes behind this eye massager. The device has a few massage settings, along with built-in heating pads and built-in speakers, so they can listen to relaxing music while they unwinds.

Parents deserve five-star amenities if he or she are treating themselves to a spa night at home. Including in this Allswell bundle are a luxe waffle-weave bathrobe and a pair of cushy slippers that feel like clouds on your feet.

This fast-absorbing CBD-infused oil reduces stress levels after use. Simply massage a small amount of oil on the skin or the scalp and enjoy feelings of relaxation.

Said to “infuse your air with the vitality of nature, enhance your well-being and create a soothing atmosphere,” this gift will be a hit with any stressed-out person. Using natural essential oil blends, the scent is formulated to support sleep and reduce stress. To use, simply add water, add five to 10 drops of their favorite Saje Essential Oil blend and turn it on — easy!

Help someone put an end to drinking lukewarm coffee or tea once and for all with this temperature-controlled smart mug. It comes in a chic black or white, but the best feature is that your recipient will be able to choose a precise temperature to enjoy their drink (from120 to 145 degrees).

This set of 10 bath and shower oils will help them unwind after a stressful day. They can mix and match the oils to make the perfect blend that works for them without being overwhelmed by scents.

Best relaxing gifts worth the splurge

For someone who instantly changes out of their work clothes and into something more comfortable after a long day, these pajamas will grab their attention. They’re temperature-regulating so there’s no getting too hot, and they are nursing-friendly for all those new moms out there.

Give the gift of warm bath towels and robes whenever they want with this freestanding towel warmer. The unit takes about 15 minutes to heat up and can hold multiple towels at a time. Because this plugs into the wall, they can move it to any part of the bathroom.

Magic Linen’s waffle blanket comes in a variety of colors, including this dreamy Woodrose shade. It’s incredibly soft and can go from winter to summer because of its waffle weave and linen material. The brand operates at zero-waste and with sustainability in mind, so this is a gift you can feel good about giving.

The Tempur-Pedic Ergo pillow might sound like an investment, but it’s worth it for a good night’s sleep. One of our writers even said that it helped eliminate back and neck pain in just one night!

For when you cannot be there to give them an actual hug, gift them with a very big hug thanks to this blanket. One reviewer said this blanket will serve as “a sentimental item that will be with the family for years to come.”

Bask in the dim glow of the Casper Glow Light. The warm, self-dimming light will lull even the most restless sleeper into a deep slumber.

The Celliant mineral-infused fabric in these sheets converts body heat into energy and returns it to your body to allow for a more restful sleep. And we all know better sleep leads to less stress during the day.

When stressed, our muscles tend to tense up — this can help with that. This body roller can aid with the relaxation of tight muscles while also improving circulation in the skin.

If they are into meditation, consider this meditation trainer. The device can help guide breathing and focus through light and vibrations and can measure their stress levels as they go through a session.

Whether they’re an avid athlete or simply appreciate a good massage every now and then, they’ll love this elite smart device from Theragun. It’s completely personalized for their body’s needs, thanks to a guided app experience that tracks their activity data and signature wellness routines. Its 16mm amplitude guarantees a deep-tissue massages, and a single charge lasts up to two hours.