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The Impact Factor of Nature Reviews Psychology

The Impact Factor of Nature Reviews Psychology

Nature Reviews Psychology is a prestigious scientific journal that publishes papers related to psychology and behavioral sciences. It is one of the most reputable and reliable sources for scientific research in the field of psychology. As such, the Nature Reviews Psychology impact factor is a measure of its importance in the scientific community. This metric indicates the impact and influence of a scientific journal on the scientific community. The impact factor is calculated based on the citations that its articles receive from other scientific journals over a specific period of time.

Understanding the Nature Reviews Psychology Impact Factor

The Nature Reviews Psychology impact factor is an essential consideration for anyone interested in psychology research. It reflects the quality and impact of the research published in this journal. An impact factor is calculated by dividing the number of citations that a journal receives in a given year by the total number of articles published in the same journal during the two previous years.

For example, if Nature Reviews Psychology received 100 citations in 2019 for articles published in 2017-2018, and had published 50 articles in that period, its impact factor would be 2.0. It’s worth noting that this metric is not based on the quality or relevance of the research articles. Instead, it reflects how often other scholars reference or cite the papers published by Nature Reviews Psychology.

High Impact Factor and its Significance

A high impact factor is a notable achievement for a scientific journal. Nature Reviews Psychology has a very high impact factor, indicating that its research papers are frequently cited by other scholarly publications. This demonstrates the critical role of Nature Reviews Psychology in advancing the field of psychology and the behavioral sciences.

Moreover, a high impact factor is a factor that can positively impact the career of scholars, researchers, and scientific professionals who publish their work in the journal. Researchers who publish their papers in journals with a high impact factor increase the visibility, recognition, and validity of their work. Recruiters who evaluate researchers’ CVs won’t overlook an accomplished author who has published in a journal with a high impact factor like Nature Reviews Psychology.


In conclusion, the Nature Reviews Psychology impact factor is an important element of its prestige and scientific influence. The high impact factor of Nature Reviews Psychology reflects the value and significance of the journal in the psychological and behavioral sciences community. It is a reflection of the quality and originality of research papers published in the journal. Further, it demonstrates the appreciation for the journal’s intellectual contributions to cutting-edge research findings in the field of psychology and behavioral sciences.